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Welcome to The Tools Artists Use

Posted on February 10, 2009 | Comments

The goal of this website is to showcase what artists use to create their art. From the paper, the pens, to their favorite paintbrush, they're all tools that help the artist express their vision.

I've been a notebook, pen, and pencil geek for years and I find it fascinating and informative when I read what my favorite artists use to make their magic. Knowing, or even having the same tools certainly won't make you a better artist, but it's still interesting all the same.

The idea for this website isn't new at all. I first came across the idea on the Comic Tools weblog where they asked several comic book artists about the tools they used (pens, paper, ink, paints, etc.) for making their comics (see an example here). Sadly, they stopped those posts sometime in 2007. Then in September of 2008, Bryan Lee O'Malley posted an update to his original Comic Tools interview. The idea of doing something on a bigger scale was bouncing around in the back of my mind again.

Then, before the new year I bought (and then quickly devoured) [An Illustrated Life]( "An Illustrated Life at")_ (edited by Danny Gregory), and again was given a peek at what the included artists used while keeping their illustrated journals. Whatever the kind or brand of notebook they use doesn't really matter in the larger scope of their art, but I still found it fascinating. But reading this book gave me the final push I needed; I had to get this project rolling. And that's why I'm here writing this "welcome" post.

If there's a question you have about the site, feel free to contact me. I'll also try and keep the about page up to date as well.

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