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Wonderful mention in Playing with Sketches book

Posted on January 27, 2014 | Comments

Playing with Sketches, by Whitney Sherman

Several months ago, the author (and artist) of the new book Playing with Sketches, Whitney Sherman, emailed me and asked a little about art tools and the artists who use them for a book she was writing. She said she was going to mention the site in her book, but not to what extent. When finally getting a copy of the book, I was surprised to see such a nice callout to The Tools Artists Use. In addition to mentioning me and the site in a section called "Anatomy of Your Tools", she also features several artists who have been interviewed on the site: Lapin, Mikkel Sommer, Marguerite Sauvage, and Luciano Lozano.

While it's awesome that the site is mentioned, the book contains 50 fantastic art exercises and techniques. A few example exercises from the book include: "Make a pattern", "Möbius strip drawing", "Channeling Matisse", "Sticky notes quilt", and "Map your day." And all throughout the book are art examples from a wide variety of artists of all kinds of media.

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Thanks Whitney!

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